Sunday, January 29, 2012

Causes Of Toothache Or Tooth Pain

Toothache may be defined as ache or pain around the teeth or jaw. The pain under common circumstances springs from dental or jaw problems. A careful oral examination by means of dental x-rays can pinpoint the root of the pain. It is worth mentioning that dental problems alone do not cause toothache. Toothache may also be an indication of some serious ailment of heart such as angina or a dearth of supply of oxygenated blood to heart muscles owing to narrowing down of arteries.

Toothache may also be an associated symptom for infections of inner and external ear, sinuses. The common signs of tooth ache include inflammation of gum, pain while chewing, sensitivity to hot and cold stimuli, bleeding gums or some discharge from the base of the teeth, swelling of jaw, redness along the tooth's gum line.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cosmetic Dentistry Could Make You Beautiful

Cosmetic dentistry is very popular right now because people are starting to realize that a cosmetic dentist isn't anything you should be afraid of. A cosmetic dentistry can actually help you feel better about yourself in a variety of ways. Because a lot of who we are is how we feel about ourselves, we can't afford to have a smile that we aren't comfortable with. Your smile is the easiest way to show people what a warm person you are, but when you aren't feeling good about your smile it's hard to let that warm side show through the way you want to. A cosmetic can easily turn your aging or unattractive smile into something beautiful.

A cosmetic dentist is still a dentist; it's just a dentist who has special training in more than the general removal of cavities, braces, and the like. A cosmetic dentist is someone who has been given training to help you feel better about your smile, while keeping the integrity of your teeth in tact. A cosmetic can perform very simple acts such as teeth whitening to make you feel better about your smile, or something more complicated such as porcelain veneers or tooth shaping. A cosmetic dentist can work with you to formulate a plan that will give you what you are looking for, while still keeping your teeth and your gums healthy.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Early Treatment Of Baby's Dental Caries

It is difficult to believe, but a fact, that thousands of babies develop dental caries in any given year. If untreated, this early childhood caries can develop into a more serious problem. It is absolutely important that proper dental hygiene practices are established early on to avoid dental problems.
When the baby is above three months of age and under eight months, the first tooth usually appears. And as the other teeth start coming out, the most routinely affected are the four upper teeth. The lower rows of teeth and the back teeth are offered protection, to a great extent, by the tongue.

Dental caries in babies can be spotted by white spots or stains on the teeth. As soon as you see these spots, take your baby to a dentist so that it can be attended to before it becomes worse. There is a common misconception amongst parents, that dental treatment is not necessary for baby teeth as they will anyway fall out. That would be the worst decision you can take.