Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dental Health Care & Diabetes

The maintenance of proper oral health care is important in ensuring that one is as far away as possible from dental problems. Those with diabetes should be doubly careful in making sure that their dental health is taken care of in the best way possible, because dental problems can result in further complications when combined with the presence diabetes.

Diabetes patients have a higher risk of developing the following dental problems, especially when good oral health is not practised or maintained:
• Gum Disease - Those with diabetes have a higher risk of developing problems concerning inflammation of the gums (gingivitis or periodontitis) that are caused by bacterial infections.
• Dry Mouth - Diabetes (and diabetes medications) can result in dry mouth issues, which can in turn result in bad breath, tooth decay and other dental problems.
• Oral Thrush - Taking antibiotics for diabetes-related concerns may cause fungal infections on the tongue and inside the mouth; the fungi thrives on saliva with high sugar levels, causing oral thrush to develop.
• Tooth Decay - When bacteria interact with sugars and starches inside the mouth, plaque may form on teeth surfaces. Without proper oral hygiene, tooth decay may develop.

The Complete Surgical Process Of The Dental Implants Treatment

Dental implants treatment is the most popular way of restoring missing teeth in a human body. Over the years, the doctors have introduced this treatment for its high durability, long lasting and comfortable nature. Basically such dental implants are tiny insertions which are made from biocompatible items. These materials are surgically inserted in the jawbone of the patient's mouth to support the damaged teeth. These biocompatible materials are made up of various shapes and sizes, which are selected and used by the medical practitioner as per the requirement of the patient. The best part about using such biocompatibility materials hold the teeth tight into the jawbone and allows it to osseointegrate with the area. Unlike dentures it does not loosen or slip off or cause discomfort while eating. Hence such dental implants treatment is highly used for these reasons.

Depending on the condition o your teeth, the dentist will advise on implanting the teeth. Now as per the overall condition of the health it will heal accordingly. For example, if you are a fit person, the total process might take less than 6 weeks time, but if you have other problems like high blood sugar or other complications, it can take more time than specified. In such cases, first the patient will be asked to control the blood sugar level as it will slow down the healing process and then the actual treatment will begin.