Monday, November 7, 2011

How To Whiten Your Teeth At Home?

Beautiful smile – is, first of all, healthy, white teeth. Modern successful person must have beautiful white teeth – it is an axiom!Tooth whitening – a procedure that is often used as smokers and coffee lovers, as habits lead to yellowing of the teeth. The color of the enamel and also affects the quality of daily cleaning of teeth, many of us do it hastily, and as a result of not fully cleaned enamel also becomes yellow. Dentists recommend brushing for at least three minutes. After cleaning the surface quality should not be flying food (most often it remains at the bottom of the teeth, gums near), which leads to the appearance of stone and yellow enamel.

Contrary to popular belief, white teeth – not a sign of increased calcium content and oral health, and genetic predisposition. Achieve whiteness of teeth can also be regularly using whitening toothpaste. It is interesting to learn that the most robust and rich in calcium enamel, in fact, has a yellowish tint.

Whiten your teeth at home
Ways to whiten your teeth, there are several, each person can choose the appropriate option. Many professional dental whitening simply can not afford, and some are not willing to do the procedure, fear of damaging the enamel.
In fact, you can whiten your teeth at home Yes, the effect will not be so stunning, but will cost you many times cheaper. This procedure is the main rule – do no harm, why should strictly adhere to those recommendations, which will be described below.
Bleaching process, by its nature, is to change the color of the upper layer of tooth enamel using special tools. At the same time, the smile becomes a snow-white. In this procedure, there are pitfalls of which you tell your dentist. It should define the structure of the enamel of your teeth, pick up your color and bleaching method. The texture of the teeth is very much dependent, so you should not neglect the advice of professionals, so you do not contemplate the various tones spots on your teeth.
So you want to whiten your teeth at home, your dentist to give it good, now it’s time to determine the method of bleaching.
The most common ways to whiten teeth include tooth-paste with the addition of hydrogen peroxide, lemon, soda, special facilities for bleaching.
Whiten your teeth at home using a special whitening toothpaste
This is the easiest and most inexpensive method. Unfortunately, most inefficient, because using a special toothpaste effectively removed plaque only, the very color of the enamel does not change. The use of such toothpaste is best to limit the period of one month, because for future use, it can damage the enamel.
Whiten your teeth at home with activated carbon
It can be purchased at any pharmacy. To use it as a bleaching agent, it must be crushed, put on your toothbrush and brush your teeth. Coal effectively cleans plaque and has a slight abrasive action of the tooth enamel. This method of whitening is also not very effective, but in practice is safe for enamel. The only restriction when brushing your teeth is not much charcoal pressing brush your teeth, or enamel can be scratched.
Whiten your teeth at home with the help of baking soda
Just a couple of simple ways you can apply at home. You can whiten teeth by rubbing them in lemon peel, and you can rub impregnated with soda. Both of these methods are effective and simple, but often use a bleach is not necessary, because can damage the enamel, and then the teeth will become painfully sensitive.
Whiten your teeth at home using a special gel
This is perhaps the most professional way to all that can be produced at home. It involves the use of a special whitening gel, which can be purchased at the dentist, talk about the features of its application. There are two ways of using such a bleaching gel.
1. The first method involves applying a special gel brush after the gel hardens on the teeth and gradually washed away by saliva. For high-quality teeth whitening this way you should regularly apply the gel within two to three weeks. This method is very gentle to the tooth enamel and provides long-whitening effect.
2. The second method is based on using a special tray, it is filled with gel and put on the teeth at night. The longer the kappa will be on the teeth, the better to whiten teeth. The advantage of this method is that you relax, and the bleaching process is, and its result can be observed and corrected in consultation with a dentist. The only thing to beware of when using mouthguard, it is the harmful effects of hydrogen peroxide, which can greatly brighten the teeth, cause inflammation of the gums and make teeth sensitive.
To avoid these side effects, you should strictly follow the guidelines on the application of splints, regular monitoring of the bleaching process and the dentist does not exceed the content of hydrogen peroxide in the bleaching solution – the total percentage must not exceed 10%.
In general, according to dentists, the most natural, from the standpoint of nature, it is yellow enamel. It may not be such a beautiful outwardly, but the strongest. Weigh the pros and cons and make a decision – whether to whiten teeth. If you do decide to have this procedure, try to minimize the negative effects of tooth whitening.


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