Tuesday, May 17, 2011

cerabone - Natural Bovine Bone Grafting Material

cerabone® is a highly reliable, dimensional stable, purified natural bovine bone grafting material. The mineral composition, the three dimensional structure and the physico-chemical and biological properties of cerabone® are very similar to those of human bone.

  •     natural bovine bone grafting material
  •     slow resorption and directed integration by new bone formation
  •     long-term dimensional stability
  •     osteoconductive
  •     100% pure bone mineral
  •     no foreign body or inflammatory reaction
  •     hydrophilic surface, optimal cell adhesion and blood absorption
  •     interconnective porosity
  •     safe and sterile
  •     easy handling

Indications: Implantology, Periodontology & Oral Surgery
  •     Sinus lift
  •     Horizontal augmentation
  •     Intraosseous defects
  •     Peri-implant defects
  •     Extraction sockets
  •     Vertical augmentation
  •     Furcation defects

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